Our Straight Rail Stair Lifts are fitted professionally into your home and allow you to effortlessly and safely use the stairs in your home.

Padded seat and backrest
Our padded seats and backrests mean that our stair lifts provide you with the most comfortable ride imaginable.

Directional paddle switches

Our directional paddle switches are incredibly simple to operate to anyone who uses them.

Safety belt

All our stair lifts come with a safety belt for increased security and peace of mind.

Folding arms, seat and footrest

Our slim folding design allows you with easy access to the staircase when the stair lift is not in use.

Lockable swivel seat

The swivelling seat allows the user to safely board and alight the stair lift without the need to twist and potentially injure your body and holds itself in place with our locking system.

Fast, no mess installation
Our stair lifts fit incredibly quickly and easily to your staircase with no mess or need for repairs to any part of the system.

Lockable on/off switch

The lockable power switch allows the user to prevent others from using and potentially breaking the stair lift.

Diagnostic digital display

The digital diagnostic shows the user the current status of the stair lift.

Safety sensors

Our five safety sensors built into the footrest and the carriage stop the lift in motion in the event of an obstruction being encountered.

Remote controls

Two remote control handsets are supplied with the stair lift to allow the user to manipulate the staircase and call or send the stair lift up and down the staircase.