Curved Stairlift

Curved Stairlift

Curved Stairlift Here at Alpha Stairlifts, all of our wide range of straight and curved stair lifts have been developed specifically for a range of different shape and styled staircases and  will fit unobtrusively and gracefully into your home. With our innovative stair lift solutions for any staircase, we can manufacture, supply and install your new stair lift in mere days!

Alpha Stairlifts cover all areas of the the North East of England , including Stairlift Newcastle, Stairlift Durham, Stairlift Sunderland and Stairlift Stockton on Tees, Stairlift Middlesborough.

Our range of stair lift all come with a wide range of features and benefits to them. Firstly, they all have a padded seat and padded backrest to ensure that you have the most comfortable ride up and down your stairs. Nobody would want to sit in a purely metal chair and be carried up their stairs as this would be immensely uncomfortable and our comfortable seat and backrest make sure you are comfortable on your new stair lift. We also build directional paddle switched into our seats which are simple to operate to change which direction you are travelling. To ensure the full safety of our users, all our stair lifts come built with a safety belt for increased security whether you are turning a corner or travelling straight. Next up is our folding arms, footrest and lockable swivel seat. The slim, foldaway design of all our stair lifts allow easy access to the staircase when the stair lift isn’t in use and the swivelling seat allow the used to safely board and alight without needing to twist their body and holds itself in place with our locking system.

Every stairlift Newcastle we install has a locking power switch which allows the user to prevent others from using and damaging the stair lift and they also have a digital diagnostic display to show the user the status of the stair lift. In case of obstruction, our lifts have five safety sensors built in to stop the lift in motion if it is needed. Finally, all our stair lifts come supplied with two remote control handsets to allow the user to manipulate and call or send the stair lift up or down your staircase.

With this huge range of features, if you’re in need of a stair lift please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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